Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Number 1!!!

TEXAS Sheet Cake....Could there be any better way to start than this?  A wonderful cake with differing stories on why it is called such.  Some say it is big like everything in Texas or perhaps it has big flavor like that of Texas cuisine.  For me it is a southern staple, a large cake for crowds and just an awesome cake with very little effort.  It is delicious served warm with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee!

Here is the first slab with a vintage silver pastry fork (a recent find in Canton).

Ready for the first bite!!!

 Morgan, his first word after taking that bite was WOW!! We had this for dinner tonight...Life is uncertain- eat dessert first!

Here are some tips for you...
*Have ingredients measured before you start as part is stirred in a bowl and part is on the stove.  
*Our jelly roll pan is from William Sonoma and we generously greased it...
The cake came out with ease!!  

For the frosting....
*Have ingredients measured about 10 minutes before the cake is done.  
*Then begin with about 5 minutes left on your cake.
*Frost this cake immediately after you take it out....

BUT here is the biggest tip of the day...

****Lightly put the frosting over the cake in different areas and then gently smooth on the cake.  Use a light touch and do not spread it too thin as it could remove the cake's top layer.  Continue to frost the entire cake!! ****

Then no matter the time of day, pour a glass of milk and enjoy a slab of this Texas sized, Texas flavor Cake!!

....Finding the Sweetness in Life.


  1. Yummy. My dear daughter Sadie loves to bake and got many baking supplies that we were lacking for Christmas. She will love this blog. She also took my grandmother's decaying and hard to read handwritten book of recipes and began scanning and then translating the handwriting into a cookbook/journal for me, as a gift. Sadie's great grandma was quite a baker as well and Sadie shares her name, Florence, as her middle name. Looking forward to some great recipes here. Love and hugs, Pam and Sadie

  2. OMG that looks delish! Although I am cutting out sugars and trying to be good..that looks like a piece of heaven!

  3. Whew! What a challenge to take on...especially when everyone else is attempting to promise to shed poundage at this time of year! ROFLOL I'll follow your journey with great bliss...will the recipes be archived??

    just me...thinkin' Presleigh is gonna love this adventure...jan