Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cake 2 - a bit of sunshine to chase away the Winter blues....

7-UP Cake takes the stage this week.  This is a recipe from my childhood Church's first cookbook called Aromas.  It was first published in 1977.  This cookbook is a treasure to me as it contains memories just by reading the names of the cooks, bakers and hostesses that grace the pages.  It was when I was a little girl that I first learned of hospitality from my mom and many of these women whom I would see in our Church's kitchen on those many occasions we called Fellowship Dinners...a great time that has somehow missed this century- I would be allowed to be in the kitchen to help, I was a runner.  I would be the one who could take napkins, silverware, etc. to the tables.  I loved to see the ladies fixing platters or warming dishes, they would laugh and share their lives with each other.  Little did they know that I was watching and learning all the while as they were just doing what they all did so well..Serve and Share.  

This Cake is incredibly moist and was easy to prepare.  We liked what happened when we poured the 7-UP into the batter..... a little like Chemistry with a few bubbles here and there.  I must show a picture of the pan after the Cake came out...Savannah is one incredible greaser.  She says it's a hidden talent.  Hidden no more!! 

Our only hitch was the frosting.  Our frosting didn't thicken up as much as I thought it would.  Perhaps we didn't let it cool long enough, we were just ready for the tastin'...We hope you'll find a ray of sunshine in this cake as so many of us had snow this week.  Yes, I said had- our's is already gone:(  
Until next week--

Finding the Sweetness in Life!


  1. oh no...she is going to gain 52 pounds in 365 days..I LOVE THAT PHOTO each recipe!!!

  2. Just found your cake blog! I love reading cookbooks too!! Looking forward to following your recipes!! Blessings!