Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gooey Butter Cake #4

Where has the time gone this week?  We had Birthday Celebrations, school/homework, projects, sickness and yes, we still found time to make the cake on Thursday.  So now it is time to share this week's cake.  It is our last in January - Can you believe it?  I think this creative endeavor may make my year pass even quicker!!!  We have focused on sheet pans and 9x13 pans this month.  These cakes are crowd pleasers and easy if you are not a lover of frosting cakes - We are all lovers of frosting!!  However, this recipe has no frosting.  This cake is like a combination of the old fashioned chess pie and a moist blonde brownie but it is definitely a cake.  The recipe is from one of our favorite chefs from the Food network...Paula Deen!!!  I remember loving her from the very first episode but a friend of mine said Paula used to much friend just didn't get it!!   This week I thought I would show you more pictures...Savannah is an awesome photographer as well as a baker.  Check out the recipe page for more pictures of the recipe in the making.  This cake will not last long at our house - better do some more time on the elliptical!!!

Gooey Butter Cake with Chocolate Chips 
Yes, she has cake mixes, cookie mixes, muffin mixes, spices- 
Yes we have them and more!

Look at Paula in the beginning...

We use my Havilland china for our desserts!  And our sweet 
vintage pastry forks, too!

This has been a great first month..We have made a great Texas Sheet Cake, an old recipe from days gone by in our 7 up cake, a Coca Cola Sheet Cake and now an Oh so good, gooey butter cake.  I hope you have enjoyed the first month of cakes...Get ready for February... 
It's all about love and chocolate!!

Finding the Sweetness in Life, 

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  1. I'm LOVING this new adventure of yours! LOL And the fact that you're keeping the recipes to the right of the blog is are we supposed to do about the "poundage" we will gain if we eat these dang cakes???? Sheesh!!! My 2011 adventure was to lose and your daughters aren't helping!

    just avid fan...jan