Friday, January 21, 2011

I'ld like to teach the world to sing....Cake #3

This title is from a commercial back in the 70's (I think)... I loved it!!  I was a little girl when it first played and can still sing it today.  Can you?? If so, you probably know what our third cake is....the ever southern...              Coca Cola Cake.

As you probably have noticed in this first month, we decided to make our cakes with our sheet pans or 9 X 13 pans as so many of us have those readily in our cabinets.  We will be going in many directions with these cakes/recipes  over the next 11 months...Yes, January is almost gone.  While we were making this cake, we thought it might be very close to the Texas Sheet Cake.  After tasting both, they are very different cakes indeed.  While they are both incredibly moist and chocolatey, the consistency is different as one is in a sheet pan and one in the 9X 13.  The frostings are both melted and poured over the warm cakes but again the taste and consistency is different.  

A few tips

  • Have all ingredients ready and measured as this makes the time go by fast.  
  • Use Coke - it's the real thing!!
  • We only greased the pan (the recipe called for grease/floured pan) and the cake came out with ease.
  • It took 35 minutes to bake but check at 30 minutes.  Oven varies
  • Spread the marshmallows out in the pan after the batter has been poured.  The marshmallows gravitate to the center of the cake.

  • We omitted the pecans (allergies) but please try them- It should be wonderful and will cut the sweetness  a bit.
  • Prepare frosting when you take the cake out of the oven. 
  • Pour frosting over warm cake.  

All in All , the cake was a delight.  You might say  we had  a "Coke and a smile" while we were baking,  this brought "perfect harmony" to our evening and don't forget to use the "Real Thing."  

Until next time,

Finding the Sweetness in Life 

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  1. you are killing me here....mouth watering...and your links do not take me to recipes....SHALL I DIE OF CHOCOLATE PROHIBITION?