Friday, February 4, 2011

Cake #5--Easy and Elegant Chocolate Cake

yes,   that is me next to Presleigh, I was worried 
about being able to get up...but obviously I did!

Let me first begin by saying...We have had  4 glorious snow days being homebound and having wonderful lazy and productive, creative, fun-filled, together time.   Having this time was a great thing for our Cake of the Week as we actually made 2.  It is good to try recipes and it is good to know when they really don't work.  Our first cake (which we will not share) was intriguing based on the ingredients.  It had the usual sugar, eggs, vanilla, cocoa but then there was a departure with self-rising flour and no liquid!  It baked rather quickly, made thin layers as there was not a lot of batter and of course, you guessed it-dry!  We went ahead and frosted it with a wonderful chocolate frosting, which we did use on our final cake for the week - It was that good!!  So the tips for recipes in general...there must be liquid whether it is milk, oil, buttermilk, even sour cream would have made it moist.  If it is a thin layer cake, bake it under time as it will become to crisp the more you bake.  Mark in your cookbook whether it worked or not, or how you might change it ...and for the  biggest tip... Be ready and willing to toss it out and start over!!  I share this with you to let you know you are not alone in your failures and we want to share in your successes as well as ours. SO as we tried again, we found success and it was so GOOD!! SO get ready....Our Cake of the Week is here...

Easy and Elegant Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Chocolate Frosting

Both the recipe and the frosting are from the Cake Doctor.  And we even tweaked it a bit to our liking, that's the beauty in baking and cooking..making it your own.  We like to do that, so feel free to do the same!!  You'll find the recipes over on the right under pages as well as in the two different cookbooks that these recipes come from....I think this will become a favorite at our house and hopefully yours also.

Finding the Sweetness in Life....

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