Friday, February 25, 2011

Cake #7- Heavenly Chocolate Bar Cake

Well better late than never..Here is #7.  We thoroughly loved making this cake.  The batter is so good even before adding the melted Milky Ways.  Yes, you read it correctly...melted Milky Ways.  Do you see now where the name came from?  This recipe is from Southern Living Classic Southern Desserts.  Oh, I LOVE the South...  Here are some mouth watering pictures to show you just how Heavenly this cake really is. 

 Make sure to freeze your candy bars for the "Icing on the Cake"
 Some of my favorite cookbooks in the background
 along with my vintage silverware
 First big slice....For Presleigh!
 OOH, is your mouth watering yet?
You'll find the recipe over on the pages..soon.   Right now we are heading to dinner...I'll post the recipe tonight!!  Until next time,

Finding the Sweetness in Life.....


  1. This looks very good Chantal, Presleigh, and Savannah! My favorite cake you've made so far is the chocolate cheesecake with the powdered sugar stencil! Keep up the good work!

    -Landon Nett

  2. Even though I'm not diabetic.....that kalump, kalump, BANG!, groooaaaannnn you just heard is me.....hitting the floor from sugar overload just LOOKING at the photos of this cake!!! Lordy!!!! But sister is coming from the north country for a visit this weekend....should I whip up this little number???? Couldn't hurt....after all we did work our way through the ENTIRE dessert menu in a tea room one was brought to our attention by a VERY snippy waitress who said "ladies, I can bring you more tea but you've eaten EVERYTHING we have to offer dessertwise!" Ouch! ROFLOL