Friday, February 18, 2011

Cake #7.....get ready!!!

What a week we have had!!! 3 trips to the doctor, one daughter on crutches, one in a wrist brace and the injuries are unrelated; our pool being replastered for the 3rd time... What's the saying...Third times a charm, bought a beautiful paint horse, and headed to Abilene on Friday( where I am posting from my phone)and all of this happened while my husband was in London!!! Calgon take me away!!! So get ready for our cake double feature. I wanted to give you a heads up and tell you to head to the grocery store for your favorite chocolate bars (now is the time to stock up on Valentine's Day chocolate)for our first cake on Monday and then a red velvety cake at the end of the week. See you on Monday!!!

Finding the Sweetness in Life...

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