Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to 52 cakes... a weekly endeavor

One cake each week for 52 weeks...Can we do it??  My daughter, Savannah (almost 17) and I love to read cookbooks, cooking magazines and we simply drool over the pictures.  We love Buddy from Cake Boss, we love Sprinkles bakery and of course, we love to stir up, whip up, frost up any and all cakes!  So we are going to share our love for baking, decorating and of course eating cakes.  We hope to learn many sweet things as we travel down the recipe road...We will pull from a vast collections of recipes that will include layer cakes, dump cakes, cake mix cakes, made-from-scratch cakes,  refrigerator cakes, old recipes, new recipes, mini-cakes, and hopefully recipes from you.  Each month we will try a group/type of cakes or perhaps an inspired theme.  We will include tips and tricks and even the failures..if there are any:) but most definitely the victories!! My oldest daughter, Savannah, will also be our photographer as I am photography challenged!!  My youngest daughter, Presleigh (9) will also be along with us for the baking fun, especially when it is time to taste the batter!!

Please join us throughout this year for a cake-filled, sweet journey!! Grab your apron and we will see you in the kitchen...

Until next time, Finding the sweetness in life

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